Syscom Digital is a top leading interactive marketing agency born in 2009. We have been always driven by ambition and thirst for innovation, therefor in 2016 with logistic support of the already existing infrastructure (web and mobile, SMS text aggregation platform, voice automated IVR, LED screens, Kinect devices, AR mobile apps, VR glasses etc) we launched our Digital Experiential Division. Amazing projects, new technology, brilliant creative ideas, successful campaigns, all of them drove us to a next level of understanding the consumer interaction- the retail engagement.

So in 2018 we launched our newest division of Interactive Retail,  producing a range of innovative devices and mechanics, designated to engage consumers in an attractive, professional-grade and durable, delivering the right digital experiences, memorable ones.

Our interactive custom-made devices (kiosks, totems, screens) with brand engaging content, deliver the right message and reach the consumers in the most effective, appealing and innovative way, allowing the customers to interact directly with the products.

Building our engaging retail digital totems we are using latest technologies tools such as, digital touch foil, shop window projectors, touch screens, RFID sensors, web automated modules, digital projectors, augmented reality apps, bare-code readers, 360 video cameras a.s.o.

Our devices are developed to attract, engage and captivate the consumers, to generate brand experience. But not only this. Our focus on the newly developed interactive devices is to raise the consumer experience to the next level, where his direct interaction with products from the shelf, ignite the experience and let to flow the content. Look at our amazing digital interactive shelf in the section Solutions.

All our unique and intelligent devices run on web platforms having as key mechanism the consumers track-ability, doesn’t matter that you reached them online or in retail, the translation of the consumer experience from online into offline (in retail stores) and vice-versa.

Our device can run stand-alone or in a network connected online to a main platform who generates in real-time on the client computer, statistics, data and reports.

Our creative ideas, innovative projects develops and clients daring, are driving us to invest more and more in developing new specific devices, so if you look for an amazing engaging tool for your customers as an experience in retails stores, galleries or events, come to us and we are promising that we will work with you in a perfect synergy, we will create for you custom devices exactly as you dream of it and you will be amazed by the quality, short time delivery and price.

Our team for Interactive Retail is working hand-in-hand with our colleagues from Interactive Marketing Division to create a complete and successful marketing consumer approach. Our marketing team is specialised in:

  • activation and reactivation tactics and mechanics, loyalty programs, marketing analysis;
  • software development, online and mobile platforms creation and real-time integration with other systems and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram);
  • content and graphic creation, web design and copy-writing;

We create content for entertainment, edutainment, infotainment or productainment, designing user-friendly interfaces, uni or multiplayer, displaying the content in such way to generate a high degree induction for the consumers. Our aim is to offer innovative and sophisticated tool but to be EEE:  easy, enjoyable an efficient for the customers.

Please join us and follow the section SOLUTIONS, where you will discover examples of interactive tools and devices designed for customer engagement, product interaction and brand experience, in stores, galleries, conferences or events.