UNTOLD is the largest annual electronic music festival and the perfect place to reach thousands of young smart teens and young adults. Nestlé Lion unleashed the courage offering to their audience memorable, scaring but fun moments.
The LION cage, a booth especially designed on target audience demographic, was offering engaging experiences for people to face their phobias and fears: snakes bites, roller-coaster falls, shark attack or phantoms ….of course all of them in the most safest way, the contact being just thru a digital touch screen.

Under the creative concept ” Waking-up the lion in you”, runing the experience consumers could receive a photo taken instantly in the climax moment of the scary movie.

The most courageous participants were immediately recognized by all audience, due to “lion” branded props, like robes, visors, capes.

Visibility of the brand was among the special invitations of the festival and our experiential marketing experience was a memorable one.