Who does not like to have the leading role, to be in the spotlight and be surprised by the dozens of cameras and flashes at the same time? Video, animations and photos as far as one can see … all this in real time @IceeFest event (Interactive Central and Eastern Europe digital festival) and participants could distribute the content on Facebook or via e-mail or SMS to friends.

Additional description is pointless. Look at the images below and you will understand how spectacular can be such a moment.

  • 360° Photo carousel system – grey metallic scaffold, circumference 2 m – adaptable to 5 m, 26 scalable cameras (depending of the circumference) & professional lights – 4 continuous white light lamps;
  • Vertical Touch Display Totem (black), 65’’;
  • Photo printer;
  • The 360° photo universe (carousel system) has cameras all around it, and all of them take pictures of you when entering the marked space;
  • The pictures are transformed into a Social Media shareable GIF;
  • The GIF can be visualized on the totem and you can get a 3 instances printed photo (front, back, profile) and a QR code which sends you right to the GIF containing link; then you can share it with everyone on the SM; you can also receive the link through SMS.
  • We automatically generate a personalized link for every user.