The Interactive Cube is a four-sided construction which integrates three touch screens positioned on the sides, each of them working independently. It can easily draw attention: an interactive app can engage people on a single touch screen while the other two are in charge of letting passersby know that something interesting it’s going on by displaying dynamic content. • One side of the Interactive Cube can have audio-visual content display; • One side of the Interactive Cube can display on-site happening activation; • One side of the Interactive Cube can host an engagement activation and a subsequent reward for the participants. The Interactive Cube will be positioned in such a way that the screens will occupy the visual range in a significant proportion. This way, the activation will be easily noticed from three different angles, thus increasing the chances for passersby to become participants and interact with the brand, both visually and from an informational point of view, through this whole experience meant to connect with them in a very special way.