We are presenting to you the interactive Kinect showcase. This incredible system allows transformation of any unused plan space into a digital interface for interaction with potential customers and consumers. The system can be implemented on existing glass case or simple glass, or it can be built on its own, and can be placed in any type of location. Also, the system can be designed from a small size of 1 meter to 1 meter, up to 3 or 4 meters in size on one side. This space will allow your customers to interact with your brand in an attractive, innovative and especially easy way. The possibilities of interaction are endless, the space itself being a play portal or enrollment in the promotion, data collection, video display, relevant content search, or any combination of them. Certainly such a digital portal will become a point of attraction and your location or your brand will not only go unnoticed, but will remain a landmark in the memory of customers and potential customers.