An interactive banner is worth a thousand words, but a banner that can interact in real time is an unforgettable experience.

Coca-Cola Consumers have had an unprecedented moment: they met the first banner through which they could record a personalized duet with Adi Despot, soloist of the band Vița de Vie.

By calling the number displayed on the banner, users were interacting in real time with Adi Despot, who answered them on the phone and invited them to sing together the “Praf de Stele” song. The participants also had the opportunity to win tickets to B’ESTFEST (one of the most prestigious music events in Romania) and to know the artist in person.

More than that, all the voices recorded were integrated into the official video of “Praf de Stele”, which was broadcast on MTV. At B’ESTEFEST, Adi Despot was accompanied by the voices of all who recorded the song, and the best voices received as a prize a custom video on Youtube. In this way, all participants were rewarded for their effort.

Duet Banner (an absolute premiere) has used the newest and most effective method of promoting: direct consumer engagement from the online environment, continuing in real life and giving them a memorable experience – because:

  • 20,000 people felt like a member of the Vița de Vie band;
  • 1,000,000 people watched the event live on MTV;
  • 4,590.00 people knew about campaign details;

A simple cursor movement has turned into a favorite song. The technical solution combines two essential elements: bidirectional communication and content generation by users. The key element is offered by real-time interactivity, which involves consumers through such an easy tool – the mobile phone. At the same time, the emotional component plays an important role: real association with a famous musician – Adi Despot: “the consumer sings, the star accompanies him.”

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