We took some of our special devices to Retail Future Solutions, because with tomorrow’s technology you can move one step forward today.
The perfect time to meet the future is right now. So we can really call it a date to remember.
One of the most admired device was our Sensorial Projection product Display
A fascinating product placement digital device which brings out the sensorial side of the brand-user interaction and offers a mix of elements needed for a successful product interaction.
The natural gestures that customers makes towards the products, triggers a cocktail of sensorial elements: qualitative visual projection, synchronized sound and delectable scents, are stimulating olfactory and visual human senses, generating delightful sensations and emotional and deep connection with the product brand.
Who doesn’t want to be in charge? What would be like if you could change a whole landscape by making just one move? No, it’s not teleportation . It’s more like imagination is playing a role game with the elements around you. You would step in too if you’d notice that the setting comes alive with every step you take. Want to see?
• The interactive projection system allows users to interact with a projected image in real time;
• It’s an interesting and interactive equipment which combines many elements into a single system;
• Interactive projection short-throw projection based (for space optimizing);
• The interactive solution can combine the projection elements with other tools such as touch systems, Kinect, video cameras, motion detectors, scanners and;
• The interactive system can be integrated using holographic foil to create a more powerful experience as an interactive windows or vitrine.

Syscom Digital is a top leading interactive marketing agency born in 2009. We have been always driven by ambition and thirst for innovation, therefor in 2016 with logistic support of the already existing infrastructure (web and mobile, SMS text aggregation platform, voice automated IVR, LED screens, Kinect devices, AR mobile apps, VR glasses etc) we launched our Digital Experiential Division. Amazing projects, new technology, brilliant creative ideas, successful campaigns, all of them drove us to a next level of understanding the consumer interaction- the retail engagement.

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