Zentiva asked for our RFID smart shelf’s super powers as their ‘health superheroes’ needed a really reliable partner for their mission.

Out tool is customized for any type of products or brand. Its a new way to engage customers with a product interaction component and a straight on point tool for retail actions. The device:

Display the product and give easy access to information about products (specifications, promotional details, warranty etc.);
A variety of content display for certain objectives: videos, tutorials, product catalog, product range presentation and so on.
It’s time for our RFID Engagement Solution  to fly to its next future happy client. Are you on board?

Syscom Digital is a top leading interactive marketing agency born in 2009. We have been always driven by ambition and thirst for innovation, therefor in 2016 with logistic support of the already existing infrastructure (web and mobile, SMS text aggregation platform, voice automated IVR, LED screens, Kinect devices, AR mobile apps, VR glasses etc) we launched our Digital Experiential Division. Amazing projects, new technology, brilliant creative ideas, successful campaigns, all of them drove us to a next level of understanding the consumer interaction- the retail engagement.

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